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Welcome to Bohéme Le Chic. Creator of the site Brooke Matthews set up this online shop to reflect her own personal style of “the bohemian girl next door.” Born from her love of all things bohemian and hippie chic, Brooke draws inspirations from her numerous travels, unforgettable, and often nostalgic times spent between Montmartre in Paris, Marrakesh, and the unique otherworldly bohemian fortress at the edge of Africa known as the Moroccan port town of Essaouira; highly recognised for their unique craftsmanship in jewellery design, leather goods, and colourful fabrics. 
Bohéme Le chic is like stumbling into that quirky little boho shop on your travels, and wanting to take it home with you. The carefully selected items you will find on this site are not your stereotypical bohemian getup, but are the simple boho girl staple that can be thrown on effortlessly, creating a statement, but without that try hard look. You will find leather goods on the site handpicked directly from Morocco, and crafted with finesse by true Moroccan artisan. Any irregularity is part of the vintage look, and only adds to the uniqueness of the piece as one of its kind. The clothing collections are carefully selected also to reflect fun, versatility, and individuality.
Bohéme Le chic represents artsy, crafty, ethnic and romance, with a strong belief that a true bohemian stands out in a crowd representing a colourful counterculture established purely on creativity, and an indifference to social complex and norm.
Bohéme Le Chic style can be described as eclectic meets simplicity; simple but edgy, with uncomplicated and flattering styles, that does not require piling on too many large and long layers, which can swamp a person.The bohemian fashion ethos is all about wearing something unique and standing out. Vintage clothing and accessories are perfect examples of uniqueness. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve this look. With an affordable mix of vintage and modern products, there is something here for every carefree bohemian girl. You will be surprised what vintage treasures you can find rummaging through your old folks closet without burning a hole in your pocket. Implement some of these vintage fashion elements into your modern outfit to create a unique look. There are several ways to portray Bohemian fashion, but our key element is to include comfort, flowing lines and individuality. 
Whatever inspires you, it is certain you will find something at Bohéme Le Chic that compliments your bohemian style. This is more than fashion.  It's a culture; Look it, breathe it, live it.