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Christopher - Wikipedia Do you want to know how to write your name in Chinese? Related names, Chris short form, Christoph, Christy. Christopher is the English version of a Europe-wide name derived from the Greek name. Catalan Cristòfor; Chinese 克里斯托弗 Kèlǐsītuōfú, 克里斯多夫Kèlǐsīduōfū, 克里斯多福.

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CHINESE NAME Christopher - LEARN CHINESE FOR FREE The most frequently asked questions include: Chinese people use Chinese characters to write English names. The traditional way is making your name based on the meaning. Chinese Name Christopher, Everything About It and HUNDREDS MORE NAMES. Meanings. Liner; inside; inner; neighborhood; native place\A Chinese unit of length 0.5 kilometer\A surname. If you like this page and want to say "Thank you. Carlos · Chad · Charles · Chris · Christopher · Clarence · Craig. Thank you!

How to say Chris in Vietnamese Translation - If your name has any special meaning behind it, you can choose the Chinese characters meaning the same and place them each other. Easily find the right translation for Chris from English to Vietnamese submitted and. Chris in Chinese Chinese · Chris in Chinese Simplified Chinese Simplified.

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