English Sentences with Audio Using the Word

How to write either or in a sentence

English Sentences with Audio Using the Word "Either" I am writing a scientific paper, and it is important that the events have the same effect when they occur separately or together; I have written a trivial example replacing esoteric words with more familiar ones. I don't like it, either. I can't explain it either. I don't know either of them. I don't want either of them. She doesn't understand me, either. I didn't know you were coming here either. I'll either write to you or phone you next week. Susie doesn't speak Japanese, and Tom doesn't either. I don't have any money and I don't have any friends either.

Using eitheror and neithernor - English Grammar Shouldn't the title say "...and/or how else might I achieve this? Study the following pairs of sentences given below. He cooks dinner. Or she cooks dinner. Either he or she cooks dinner. She can have tea. Or she can have coffee. She can have either tea or coffee. He washes the clothes himself. Or he asks her to wash them. He either washes the clothes himself or asks her to wash them.

How to use "either" in a sentence - WordHippo " ;-) In the sentence as presented, the use of the initial "either" really requires that you follow it up only with an "or"; "either/and" just doesn't work. Laws, in draft form known as bills, may be introduced by any member of either House. The artist is to teach them how to nod judiciously, and to connive with either eye. The coeliac plexus is formed by the two interconnecting coeliac ganglia which lie either side of the coeliac artery.

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