2023 Friendship Key Chain



?You deserve a stress-free and fun December. A great way to remind them of how special they are. cheer them up or say thank you.

?Thankful for you. Your friendship has helped me grow. kept me grounded. picked me up when I was down & makes each day a little brighter. Thanks for being my best friend.

✨You would like to tell your friends why you love them so much. Now You have 1 way to do that! Great idea for those of us that are not so creative in our expressing true love.

?Why not tell your bestie why they mean so much to you? A thoughtful gift that will put a smile on their face and in their heart whenever they read them.

  • SIZES: 4*2cm


  • Size: 3cm x 4cm 


  • 1 × Christmas Friendship Gift



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