Culinary Drawing Decorating Spoons Set



Create culinary masterpiece at home easily and effortlessly!

Gorgeous plating art design made easy with this spoon!


  • Easy Precise Culinary Decorating!ChefValon is designed with anarrow pencil-shaped tipto create smooth. precise lines and patterns easily! The wide spoon at the back holds your sauce steadily for aneven and smooth dispensing!

  • Plating Masterpiece Made Possible At Home!Gorgeous meals aren’t a specialty of high-end restaurants! This small and handy pointy spoon let you create your gorgeousplating designs at home.

  • Take Your Dishes To Another Level!Upgrade your dishes to another levelwith a better food presentation! Treat your eyes and taste bud to an all-round delicious feast!

  • Premium Safe Materials!Our plating art pencil is created withfood-safe premium 304 stainless steelto bring you a sturdy and long-lasting food decoration experience!


  • Dimensions:
  • (Large) 20*3.7*2.2cm/ 7.9*1.5*0.9??
  • (Small) 18*2.6*1.3cm / 7.1*1*0.5??/li>
  • Weight: (Large)21.5g; (Small) 15.5g
  • Materials: 403 Stainless Steel


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