??Health Care?Luxury Water Saving Filter Faucet?



Unclean water is very harmful to your health!!

The new?360?? rotatable?filter is not only?easy to install. but the?filter cartridge can be replaced. making the water clean from now on.?


  • Pro Filters

Replaceable filter cartridge;?micron level filter?+?calcium sulfite filter cartridge?ensures excellent water quality at all times.

It can?remove rust. sediment. small particles. excessive chlorine. and odor.?Soften the hard water?and improve the condition of your skin.?Enjoy the clean water with your family.

Each filter cartridge can be used for?3 months.

  • Increase Water Pressure

It can?effectively increase the water pressure. dramatic reduction in flushing time. flushes powerfully and prevent splashing. and?saves water.?

  • 360?? Rotation

360 degrees can be rotated.?flushing without dead ends.

  • For All Faucets

Comes with adapter ring. can be installed on any faucet.

  • Easy To Install

  • High-quality Material

Made of high quality material. The food grade ABS material is harmless. beautiful appearance. Fully transparent design. easy to observe the usage.

  • Specification


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