jacquard wool blanket ?C navy



An heirloom. to be sure. Inspired by heavyweight wool blankets produced in North America in the early 1800’s. each jacquard wool blanket embodies a nod to tradition. design. and timeless beauty.

The captivating pattern of these wool blankets is inspired by the iconic?jacquard weave. Traditionally produced on a specialized loom. the?jacquard weave?is characterized by complex. woven-in designs that create a tapestry-like effect. Each blanket features a rich navy and creamy camel colourway.

BasShu is a Japanese brand who are dedicated to designing and producing premium textiles for the home. Inspired by Japan’s rich history and appreciation for tradition and quality craftsmanship. they focus specifically on celebrating the?banshu weave. Dating back over 200 years. this particular style of weave can only be created by the abundant soft water of?Nishiwaki?and the skills of experienced artisans from the region.

Banshu weaving begins with dyeing the threads before they are woven. so that even with repeated use and washing. the colour is less likely to fade. The wool threads used are extremely thin. creating a strikingly detailed and intricate pattern.

100% wool

Approximately 153cm x 180cm

Care instructions:
Dry-clean only. Washing this blanket in a standard washing machine may damage the otherwise soft and lasting texture.


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